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My new gym is complete – big update to my Home Gym page forthcoming.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 by  
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Except for the window treatments, my new home gym is finally done!

Yesterday the gym’s HDTV arrived and I mounted it on an articulating mount placed close to the ceiling at the corner of two walls. I’m so glad I had the builder pre-wire for cable and electricity 18″ down from the ceiling in my gym. The television looks awesome there, and there are no wires showing at all. The TV looks like it’s just floating up there in the corner. Very cool.

Last night I also got the gym’s artwork completed and hung on the walls. I framed and matted some 8×10 black & white photographs of some of my favorite classic bodybuilders: I’ve got an awesome photo of Frank Zane, a great shot of Mike Mentzer posing the beach and, of course, several shots of Arnold (including a mind-blowing side-chest pose). The pictures are very motivational to me, and really add a nice finishing touch to my gym.

Finally, I installed 16 brushed-steel hooks mounted on white backplates on the walls. These hooks get my wrist wraps, straps, hooks, dip belt and other stuff like that off the floor and ready for quick use.

There are a lot of other things in the gym that I will go into detail about, including all the equipment I use, the flooring, the mirrors and even the radio-controlled clock! I’ll list all the stuff that I have in there, where I got it and the approximate costs. I’ll also do mini-reviews on all the newer stuff that I have not yet reviewed. It’s going to be a huge update to my home gym page! My goal today is to get a whole bunch of photographs and complete the write up. I hope to have it done tonight.

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