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New “Home Gym” page not done, but I have lots of pictures!

Thursday, February 7, 2008 by  
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I’m afraid that I didn’t have time to even start on the revised home gym page yesterday. The more I think about the changes, the more I realize that it is going be a fairly significant undertaking; it may take me a few more days to get it done. I want to do it right!

I did take all new pictures yesterday, and I sorted through them and selected ten photographs for the new page. I think these new photos do a good job of displaying the entire gym. I’ve gone ahead and posted all the new photos with short descriptions in my picture gallery journal. You can check them out here.

My body has undergone many changes since I started working out back in 2003, and my gym has evolved right along with it:

My home gym, January 2003

My home gym, January 2003

My home gym, February 2008

My home gym, February 2008

A lot of planning went into making the best use of the space in my new gym, but until it all came together I couldn’t be 100% sure how well it would work in practice. Now that everything is in place and I’ve done a few workouts in there, I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

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