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Update on new home gym page; Backyard fence means easy grilling.

Friday, February 8, 2008 by  
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I got up early this morning and managed to get quite a lot of work done on the revised home gym page. I should be able to complete it this evening and have it up by tomorrow morning. The home gym page is getting quite large, so I’m thinking about breaking it up into separate pages for each of the four “stages”. If you missed yesterday’s update, I went ahead and posted all the new photos with short descriptions here.

My diet and training have been on-point this week, but I decided to have my weekly cheat meal last night. That means I’m going to have to be good and resist the strong temptation to cheat on Saturday night, which is my usual cheat meal night.

Thankfully our backyard fence will be completed on Saturday (as of this morning it’s about halfway done). Right now grilling is a bit of a pain because I have to keep the grill in the garage or someone would probably steal it. Once the fence is up and I can lock the gate I’ll feel more comfortable about leaving our expensive grill outside on the back patio. I like to grill pretty much all my protein foods, so I’m very excited about having easy access to my grill again… and I’m even more excited to finally be able to let the dogs explore their new back yard without their leashes! Our new backyard is like 4 times the size of our old back yard, so Loki and Turtle are going to have a blast running and playing! :dreamy:

Happy Friday!

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