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Enjoying the TV in my gym; Very, very sore.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by  
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I did my cardio first thing this morning and having a TV in the gym made the time just fly by. I was watching some MMA action, and my cardio session actually ran a little long because I wanted to see the end of the fight I was watching. While I normally don’t mind LISS cardio, sometimes I have to force myself to get in there and do it; with a TV & DVD player in my gym I think those days will become very rare indeed.

I also use the TV when I lift to listen to the digital music service offered by my cable company. They have a music channel for just about every genre of music under the sun. I’m really glad that I decided to add the TV feature to my new home gym. While some might scoff at the idea of having a TV in the gym, if you ask me anything that increases motivation is a good thing.

I’m glad today is a cardio-only day, as I’m unbelievably sore. My back, calves, biceps and forearms are completely fried, and I’m already starting to feel the DOMS in my chest and triceps from yesterday’s workout.

I’m really looking forward to leg day (Thursday), as I can’t wait to do walking lunges in my new backyard! I always wanted to do them at my old house, but there was simply no room in my backyard and I was too self-conscious to do them out front. :o

Time for me to get to work – have a great day!

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