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Last night’s meal; Yesterday’s workout; Lunk alert.

Friday, February 15, 2008 by  
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I’m not presently eating steak as part of my cutting diet, so I don’t have any in the freezer right now. Yesterday after work Lisa stopped at the store to pick up a couple of lean cuts for our special Valentine’s dinner. They didn’t have any lean steaks at all, so we wound up having New York Strips. I trimmed all the fat off the edges and grilled the steaks to a perfect “medium” (with a quick 1-minute sear on each side to give it a nice crust). I served the steaks with huge sides of broccoli. Man, that was one seriously good dinner!

I’m not going to count last night’s dinner as my weekly cheat meal. The steak may have had a bit more fat than I’d prefer – especially post-workout – but considering the brutal leg workout I had a few hours prior I think the steak was a fine choice.

So, about that leg workout. Wow. I pre-exhausted with moderate weight sets of leg extensions and lying leg curls, then I went heavy for three sets of barbell squats. Before my workout I placed one of my barbells and some plates out back. After my squats I went outside and did three sets of walking barbell lunges, each to failure. The weather was perfect for outdoor lifting, and I really enjoyed being outside with a barbell across my back. I only have one neighbor right now, and she’s out of town, but if anyone else happened to be walking by my fence while I was lunging around the backyard I can only imagine what he or she might have thought was going on. Yeah, I’m a grunter when I workout. I can’t help it. Planet Fitness would not really welcome me. I’m just a big, dumb lunk who carries a gallon jug of water around; I unapologetically grunt & bang my way through workouts, and I really like my deadlifts.

Speaking of Planet Fitness, I’m so glad Lisa decided to quit that place after giving our new home gym the “thumbs-up”. I can’t tell you how disgusted it made me every month when I saw the “Planet Fitness” auto-deduction from our checking account. I really hated giving them my money.

Today is not a very high volume workout, but it’s going to be a good one: delts and traps. I am going to do some direct delt work and some Olympic lifts. I think I’m also going to do some leaning dumbbell shrugs at the tail end of the workout. Should be fun…

My stomach is telling me that it’s time for breakfast. Thank for stopping by – happy Friday!

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