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Almost lunged – and nearly fell – into a big pile of dog crap!

Friday, February 22, 2008 by  
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Yesterday’s leg workout was even better than last week’s workout. I’ve always had fairly strong legs, and I’ve not lost much strength at all in that area. It was a nice mental boost to be able to go heavy so soon after returning to my regular workouts.

The rain stopped a few hours before my workout, so once again I was able to do walking lunges in the backyard. The grass was still wet and I was concerned about slipping with loaded barbell across my traps, so I decided to do a couple bar-only test runs. My footing felt surprisingly secure, so I proceeded. The only problem was I somehow missed cleaning up a big pile of dog crap. I suddenly spotted the mess at the very end of my first set just as I was about to lunge into it. I had to adjust my stride with an extra looooong lunge, and my very fatigued legs came extremely close to buckling out from under me. Thank goodness they didn’t, because I would have wound up sitting in the dog poo. If I had landed in the smelly pile and were truly hardcore I would have finished the workout covered in dog crap. Mastover certainly would have continued, and Zen probably has dog crap and/or puke on his clothes most of the time anyway. But I’m kind of a clean freak, so in all honestly that incident would have ended the workout for a hot, soapy shower.

Today I’m working delts and traps. My right shoulder is bothering me a little from my chest workout on Wednesday, but it’s not too bad. I’m not worried about today’s workout, as direct delt work almost never bothers my shoulders – it’s mostly chest exercises, such as weighted dips and bench presses, that irritate it.

Happy Friday!

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