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Insane Costco shopping spree; Freezer drama.

Yesterday was an interesting day…

As many of you know, I always stock up on my protein foods (among other things) at Costco every 6-8 weeks. I like buying in bulk because it saves time, and with two big freezers I have plenty of space for all the food. Yesterday Lisa and I went to Costco with our two big annual rebate checks in hand: one Costco “Executive” rebate check, and one Costco American Express card rebate check. Both rebates totaled just under $500.00, so we decided what the heck and bought even more food than usual. The total came to just over $800.00, but we bought enough food to last two months or more. Here’s a partial list of what I got: 5 pounds Orange Roughy (they were out of Cod fish!), 6 pounds shrimp, 9 pounds Wild Sockeye Salmon (I was so glad to see that Costco is now carrying wild salmon – a little more expensive than farmed, but much better), 4 pounds lean turkey burger, 6 pounds hamburger (not lean, for cheat meals), 56 pounds boneless/skinless chicken breasts, 10 pounds chicken thighs (I don’t eat these, but Lisa does), 18 pounds eye of round steak and 18 pounds of Quaker old-fashion oats. We also bought lots of bottled water, Pam cooking spray, coffee beans, chewing gum, olive oil, Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM, nuts and canned pineapple.

So here’s the interesting part. We got home with all that food, and the freezer in the garage was NOT WORKING! I had just been in the garage freezer that very morning and it was working fine, but when I opened the door after returning from shopping the interior was warm and the compressor was not running. Thank goodness there was no food in there – we were just about out of everything, and what little was left I had just that very morning moved to the main freezer in the kitchen. The problem was there is NO WAY all that food we’d just purchased was going to fit in the main freezer. Lisa and I started calling all over town trying to find someone who could deliver a freezer, like, that minute. Thankfully after almost giving up hope we finally found an appliance company that had a brand new GE 17-cubic foot upright freezer, and could deliver it within the hour. Whew!

So, there went our rebate money. Oh well, I just look at it as getting a freezer for free. Also, as I told Lisa, it could have been far worse: imagine if the freezer had died after we’d loaded it up. We might not have noticed for several days, and all that food would have been ruined.

I see it’s almost 9:00 AM, so I’d better get this update sent to the server. Thanks for stopping by – have a nice Sunday!