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Costco pizza review; Deads; Ice cream man?

Monday, February 25, 2008 by  
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Yesterday morning I got so involved typing up my Costco shopping list and talking about Saturday’s freezer drama that I ran out of time before I could discuss the hand-made Costco “Pizza Margherita” cheat meal I had Saturday evening. You know, Costco almost got this one right, but ultimately the pizza was a disappointment. In its favor the pizza looked incredibly appetizing: huge chunks of fresh cheese, large slices of tomato and gigantic whole sweet basil leaves had our mouths watering. We cooked the pizza as directed and it came out of the oven looking perfect. The sauce was hearty and a nice match for the light toppings. What killed it was the horrible crust: bland and dry, and the aftertaste had a mildly rancid oil flavor. I don’t know if we got a bad pie – doubtful, as Costco has always impressed me with the freshness of the foods they carry – or if that’s just how they taste. Either way, neither of us enjoyed the pizza and didn’t even finish it. I won’t buy another one.

Today is my back and biceps workout. I think instead of going very heavy on my deads I’m going to do something a little different. I normally do 3 warm-up sets: 20×135, 12×225 and 8×315. Today I’m going to take the 2nd warm-up set (225 lbs) for as many reps as I can, rest one minute and repeat for a total of four sets. That should get my heart rate up, and provide a little break from the wear and tear of going heavy for the past 3 weeks.

OK, why does the ice cream truck drive by my house like 30 times every single day? It seems like every single time I glance up at the security camera I have fixed on the stop sign at the corner of my street there is an ice cream truck sitting there. And the truck is always blaring some vaguely familiar and maddeningly insipid tune from the rusty horn mounted on its roof. It’s 8:45 in the morning for crying out loud! Who eats ice cream at 8:45 AM?

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