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Real good workout yesterday, but not good enough; Tired this morning.

Despite feeling a little tired yesterday I forced myself to do my workout (back and biceps). I’m glad I pushed through, as it was my best workout since my return. Even though I improved reps and/or weight on all lifts over last week’s performance, I can’t help but compare my lifts to my all-time personal bests; unfortunately I’m nowhere near those high water marks, and the competitive side of me is annoyed by that. I’m… [Read more]

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Fun day yesterday; Record bloat; Today’s back workout.

We had a lot of fun yesterday hanging out, eating, drinking and watching the Daytona 500. Actually, we didn’t really watch the race until the final 10 laps. I don’t follow or even particularly like NASCAR; the race was more an an excuse to have a fun get-together. As planned, we had pork barbecue for dinner last night and it was incredibly good. After eating so clean all week the high salt content of the… [Read more]

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Ah, a day off and my weekly cheat meal!

This morning I’m going to do some light cleaning and then it’s time for a well-deserved afternoon of rest, relaxation, racing and really good (but not so good for me) food! I’m glad I saved my cheat meal for today. We’ll probably have some gourmet cheese & crackers for appetizers, and then tonight we’re going to have pulled pork barbecue, garlic bread, french fries and baked beans. I’ve been working hard and eating clean all… [Read more]

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The past week in review; Today’s plans; March “100 Challenge” open for entry.

This past week has been very satisfying from a diet and training standpoint. While none of my workouts were especially memorable (save leg day, which introduced outdoor walking lunges), every workout was a very solid effort. This week I continued to build on the progress I made last week; slowly but surely my strength is returning, and I’m feeling more powerful and confident in the gym. Other than one minor deviation from my planned cutting… [Read more]

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Last night’s meal; Yesterday’s workout; Lunk alert.

I’m not presently eating steak as part of my cutting diet, so I don’t have any in the freezer right now. Yesterday after work Lisa stopped at the store to pick up a couple of lean cuts for our special Valentine’s dinner. They didn’t have any lean steaks at all, so we wound up having New York Strips. I trimmed all the fat off the edges and grilled the steaks to a perfect “medium” (with… [Read more]

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Leg day; Lean steak for dinner tonight.

The weather in Orlando today is absolutely perfect for an outdoor leg workout! It’s clear and cold – 40 degrees as I type this – but the temperature will warm into the low 60s by workout time. While part of my leg workout will be indoors, I am definitely going to grab a barbell and some plates and head outside for some walking barbell lunges. I’ve always wanted to be able to do parking lot… [Read more]

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Enjoying the TV in my gym; Very, very sore.

I did my cardio first thing this morning and having a TV in the gym made the time just fly by. I was watching some MMA action, and my cardio session actually ran a little long because I wanted to see the end of the fight I was watching. While I normally don’t mind LISS cardio, sometimes I have to force myself to get in there and do it; with a TV & DVD player… [Read more]

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Last night’s workout; The benefits of gym mirrors.

I’m pleased with my performance in the gym yesterday (but never satisfied!) My strength is up from last week, and yesterday’s workout was easily the most concentrated and intense effort since my return. I used the same weight as last week for my deadlifts, but this week the plates didn’t feel twice as heavy as they should have. 🙂 I did more reps than I did last week, but I’ve still got a way to… [Read more]

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Home Gym page redesign and update are complete!

Yesterday was a very productive day, but I didn’t get to relax much. After Lisa and I finished cleaning the house I got right back to work on revising the Home Gym page. I finished up around 6:00 PM, and got it uploaded shortly thereafter. You can check it out here. I think I covered all my current equipment on the new “Stage 4” home gym page, but I’ll go back over everything today and… [Read more]

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Home Gym page redesign/new version to be completed today.

This is going to be a brief update, but I have a good excuse: I’ve been hard at work redesigning the home gym page and working on newest “stage”! I decided that having all the different stages on one page was not a wise design choice, so I gave each stage its own separate page. I’ve already made those changes “live”, and you can check out the new format here. I’m now working on the… [Read more]

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