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New backyard brings new fitness opportunities.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t have time to complete the home gym page yesterday. I promise to carve out some time this weekend and get it done by Monday morning at the latest! I know some of you are anxious to learn where I bought everything, my thoughts on the new equipment and the approximate costs, so thanks for your patience as I get everything typed up! Our vinyl backyard fence will be completed today!… [Read more]

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Update on new home gym page; Backyard fence means easy grilling.

I got up early this morning and managed to get quite a lot of work done on the revised home gym page. I should be able to complete it this evening and have it up by tomorrow morning. The home gym page is getting quite large, so I’m thinking about breaking it up into separate pages for each of the four “stages”. If you missed yesterday’s update, I went ahead and posted all the new… [Read more]

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New “Home Gym” page not done, but I have lots of pictures!

I’m afraid that I didn’t have time to even start on the revised home gym page yesterday. The more I think about the changes, the more I realize that it is going be a fairly significant undertaking; it may take me a few more days to get it done. I want to do it right! I did take all new pictures yesterday, and I sorted through them and selected ten photographs for the new page…. [Read more]

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My new gym is complete – big update to my Home Gym page forthcoming.

Except for the window treatments, my new home gym is finally done! Yesterday the gym’s HDTV arrived and I mounted it on an articulating mount placed close to the ceiling at the corner of two walls. I’m so glad I had the builder pre-wire for cable and electricity 18″ down from the ceiling in my gym. The television looks awesome there, and there are no wires showing at all. The TV looks like it’s just… [Read more]

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Nice to return to “normal”; Gym almost done; Weak; New AtLarge product!

It felt really nice yesterday to return to my “normal” routine. Sort of like slipping into old, very comfortable clothes. I did diverge from my planned diet slightly because I forgot that I had some salmon defrosting in the refrigerator and didn’t want to waste it. I made my cilantro salmon recipe, but I spiced it up a bit with a fresh jalapeno, a little red pepper and some ginger. It was awesome, and very… [Read more]

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I’m finally back!

It’s great to be back! The time I took off to move and get settled was only a little over a month, but it feels like I’ve been away forever! I’ve been looking forward to this morning for quite some time. I missed updating the site, but it was necessary; I’ve been very, very busy over the past few weeks. First of all, Lisa and I are in the new house and all settled in… [Read more]

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