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Good week of progress; Mindset for success; 2008 cut training info.

It’s been a very solid first week of progress: my body fat level is 11.5% (measured yesterday), and this morning my scale weight is 195.4 pounds. Last Monday (the first day of my cutting program, and the day after my vacation ended) my scale weight was 199.8 pounds. A loss of 4.4 pounds is about what I expected for the first week. Some of that weight loss was water, but a pound or two was… [Read more]

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Weekly stats; Beating temptation.

The first week of my cut has been spot-on, and I’m very pleased to be off to a good start. This morning I took a complete set of tape measurements, and a body fat reading… My waist is 32.5″ right now. While not horrible, I guess, it’s still pretty high for me. In July 2007 (@ 6% body fat) my waist size was 30.25″, and my aim this go-round is to get my waist to… [Read more]

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I’m feeling great; Are you ready to get in shape? Here’s how.

Spring is here, and the prospect of warmer days seems to be affecting just about everyone in a very positive way. The mood on the forum right now seems to be especially energetic and upbeat. It’s really cool to see so many people enthusiastically working towards getting in shape for summer. Believe me, I’m feeling it, too! This past week has been awesome: every workout has been better than the last, for the first time… [Read more]

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2008 Cut meal plan posted and discussed.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to get serious about my 2008 cutting program. I saw some posts on the forum and received some emails from some of you who read yesterday’s update and were inspired to make some big changes of your own over the next few months. I applaud each of you, and wish you success; work hard, and you will find it! I spent some time this morning entering my cutting diet… [Read more]

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Time to get serious: no cheats, no alcohol, no missed workouts.

Yesterday’s workout (pecs and triceps) was my second workout since I returned from my vacation, and it was another excellent, very intense training session. I finally feel like myself again: for the first time in months I am genuinely looking forward to my training sessions, I’m feeling positive and energetic, I’m eating clean and I’m having very productive workouts. OK, yesterday I mentioned that I was giving some serious thought to eliminating my weekly cheat… [Read more]

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Eye of round steaks; No more cheat meals?

Yesterday was another solid day for me. I felt energetic and positive about my renewed cutting program, I had a couple of great cardio sessions and I shed a little over 3 pounds of water bloat left over from my vacation. I know the scale weight reduction was just water, but I was glad for it. I hate how puffy I look and feel when I’m bloated like that; water weight really shows in my… [Read more]

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The break did me a lot of good: awesome workout!

Some of you may recall that in the weeks leading up to my vacation I often lamented that my workouts felt very “forced”. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get in the groove of things. It was very frustrating. As it turns out, I all I needed was a break. Yesterday’s workout (back and biceps) was one of the best workouts I’ve had in recent memory, and was easily my best… [Read more]

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Back from vacation; Cutting diet reboot.

I’m back from my vacation, and the past nine days played out even better than I imagined they would. Lisa and I had a wonderful time hanging out with my mom and her best friend, there were very few work-related “emergency” interruptions, we enjoyed perfect weather, ate a lot of great food, watched movies, played games, took trips – just what we needed after the past year, which has been very stressful. I love my… [Read more]

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On vacation; Phase 2 of landscaping complete; AtLarge sale!

It’s vacation time! The past year has been a heck of a ride, so Lisa and I are very excited about finally having some time to relax and unwind. My mom and her best friend are en route from Texas, and will arrive at our home tomorrow around noon. It’s always fun when my mom comes for a visit, and Lisa and I are both excited about her seeing our new house for the first… [Read more]

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Leg day; Phase 2 of landscaping project starts today!

Ever since I started doing part of my leg workout outside, the weather on Thursday has been outstanding. Actually there was one rainy Thursday, but it magically cleared up in time for my workout. Today is forecast to be sunny with highs in the upper 70s. I know it sounds a little silly, but taking part of my leg workout outside has really been a cool experience. Lately I’ve been waking up on leg day… [Read more]

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