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Monthly photos are up; Improvement needed.

Saturday, March 1, 2008 by  
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This morning I took my first set of monthly photos since November 1st (and the first set since moving into the new house). As expected, these are far from my best photos: I’ve added some fat and lost some muscle. Still, considering how horribly I ate and how little I worked out for almost two months, I’m surprised they are not even worse. I know that with hard work in the gym and dedication to my cutting diet I’ll be ripped and ready for the beach in no time!

While I’m not too proud of how I look in this months photos, the most disappointing aspect is the actual quality of the pictures. I found a good place to take the photos (the empty bonus room upstairs), but apparently I need to spend some more time trying to replicate the conditions I had at my old house…

For starters, there is not enough light in that room. Even with the flash, this month’s photos are grainy as a result. I’m going to purchase a ceiling fan with a light kit and install it next week. That will solve the lighting issue.

The other problem is that I had the tripod too far away. The distance from the camera combined with the poor lighting made for blurry, yet grainy, photos. Next month I’m going to move the tripod in another 3 feet or so.

I’m going to order the ceiling fan & light kit this weekend, and I’ll spend some time over the next few weeks making sure that next month’s photos are much, much better – both from a physique and from a technical standpoint! 🙂

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