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Thursday, March 6, 2008 by  
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There are three dates that relate to my health that will always be very important to me: on November 1, 2000 I quit smoking, on January 6, 2003 I started on a fitness journey that continues to this day, and on March 6, 2003 I was finally able to quit drugs forever.

I can’t believe it’s been five years since I’ve done drugs. Drugs were part of my life every single day for more than a decade, and learning to live without them was very difficult. As many of you know, marijuana was my daily “go-to” drug: for well over ten years the number of days that I was not stoned could be counted on one hand – and I did not abstain on those few days by choice, I simply ran out and could not get more. Running out of weed is a nightmare for a chronic.

Even though I was mostly a pothead, I also went through periods of fairly heavy cocaine use, as well as LSD.

Drugs had a very strong hold on me for a long, long time. At some point – I’m not sure exactly when – I’d pretty much resigned myself to being a pothead for life. This was because I honestly couldn’t imagine willingly going through a day without being stoned. People who smoke occasionally simply can’t understand just how powerful the mental addiction to marijuana can be for some. I guarantee that there a quite a few people reading this update who smoke daily and don’t know how to stop. Many of those people are stoned right now. Five years ago I sure would have been (and yes, it’s 8:30 in the morning as I type this).

So how did I finally rid my life of drugs? When I began my transformation on January 6, 2003 I was still smoking pot daily. Like I said, I had simply accepted the “fact” that I would smoke pot for the rest of my life. As I started to get in better shape I slowly began to feel healthy again, and I liked it! Years of fat started melting away, my confidence was beginning to return and I felt really good after a workout. In fact, I started to realize that I felt better after a workout than I did stoned out of my mind. In early March 2003 I decided that I could stop doing drugs if I really wanted to. I’m not going to lie, it was tough; It’s scary facing life sober after countless years of drug abuse. I began to focus my attention on the brand new healthy lifestyle I’d adopted; I got rid of all my pipes, papers, bongs, screens, pipe cleaners and ashtrays; I stopped hanging around with people who did drugs. The first week was pure hell, but after that it started to become easier. A month later and the desire was all but gone. I couldn’t believe it! From that day forward every aspect of my life began to improve.

A little over five years ago I was fat, unhealthy, drug-addicted, negative, under-achieving and unhappy. Getting off drugs, adopting a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine not only changed my life, it saved it. I honestly believe that with every fiber of my being.

Of course that’s just my story. There’s absolutely no shame in getting help if you need it. The important thing is that you do something, and that you do it now.

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