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Bad John! Cleaning day.

I sort of had a cheat meal last night, which I shouldn’t have done because Lisa’s parents are taking us out to eat tomorrow. I grilled a lean turkey burger, which is not bad at all, but I put it on a hamburger bun along with a slice of swiss cheese. I also had a handful of Doritos, and that’s a food I rarely eat. I didn’t really enjoy the Doritos, and last night I was reminded why I don’t eat them: too salty and chemically tasting!

Next week I’ll be eating clean, but on Saturday the 15th I start my vacation. My mom will also arrive in town on that day, and she’ll be staying with us all week long. I know my diet will not be the greatest while my mom is in town. There’s no way I’m turning down the rare chance to eat her awesome cooking again!

So, in all likelihood my fat loss progress this month will probably be close to nil, but I’m not worried about it. At just over 10% body fat I don’t have that much fat to lose to reach my goal of 6 or 7 percent body fat, and it’s still early March. I know I’m technically cutting right now, but my main concern at this moment is continuing to build my strength back up. Even though my diet is not as clean it should be, I’ll be using the extra calories to fuel some productive weight training workouts!

Well, I’d better wrap this up; Lisa and I have a big day of cleaning ahead. Joy.