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Sunday, March 9, 2008 by  
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Time for another DST rant. Today’s update is sponsored by lack of sleep and disorientation.

I really hate the Daylight Saving Time change. Hate it. HATE IT. HATE IT! My internal clock is very accurate – I know when it’s time for a meal, when it’s time to go to bed, when it’s time to workout and I wake up at almost the exact same time each and every morning without ever setting an alarm. The downside to having such a precise sense of time is that I always have an extremely difficult time adjusting to the DST change. My internal clock is going to be screwed up for weeks.

Oh, we’re not moving on to another subject. I’m still getting warmed up…

Of course there are literally dozens of watches, clocks, computers and random devices such as the water softener, the alarm panels, the security camera DVR, the sprinkler system, the microwave, the coffee maker, the oven and on and on and on… all of which need to have their times changed manually. It was bad enough before, but now that DST has been extended all the legacy devices that are (um, I mean were) DST aware are completely screwed up four times per year!

We’re in DST mode for eight months of the year, so why not just leave it like that all year long?!

You know, I could continue ranting and describe the all nasty things I’d like to do to the morons responsible for perpetuating DST (and screwing it up worse than it already was), but I think I’m just going to go get another cup of coffee and get my cardio done. BANG!

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