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The break did me a lot of good: awesome workout!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 by  
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Some of you may recall that in the weeks leading up to my vacation I often lamented that my workouts felt very “forced”. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get in the groove of things. It was very frustrating. As it turns out, I all I needed was a break. Yesterday’s workout (back and biceps) was one of the best workouts I’ve had in recent memory, and was easily my best workout so far this year. As the time for my workout approached I found myself looking forward to getting in the gym instead of feeling like I “had” to workout.

That week off from everything sure seems to have done me a lot of good.

So, I had a great workout yesterday, but I felt a little more winded that usual. I started off with four rapid-fire (1 minute rest) sets of burnout deadlifts, and my lungs were on fire by the time I finished. After the deads I moved to close-grip low-rows. I was surprised by how much my legs were shaking from fatigue.

As an aside, in my old gym I had to pretty much stop doing low rows because there was not enough room to perform the exercise correctly (the dumbbell rack behind the low row station prevented me from having full range of motion). Yesterday was the first time I’ve done low rows in the new gym and it was very nice to finally be able to do them correctly!

I’m going to give my shoulders a little break (my right shoulder has been bothering me as of late) and wait until tomorrow to do my chest workout. This morning I’m going to get some LISS cardio in, and this afternoon I might do some HIIT just for fun. 🙂

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