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2008 Cut meal plan posted and discussed.

Friday, March 28, 2008 by  
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As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to get serious about my 2008 cutting program. I saw some posts on the forum and received some emails from some of you who read yesterday’s update and were inspired to make some big changes of your own over the next few months. I applaud each of you, and wish you success; work hard, and you will find it!

I spent some time this morning entering my cutting diet into spreadsheet form. It can be found here. This morning I’d like to discuss what I’m doing diet-wise, and why I’m doing it…

First of all, I will not be having any cheat meals or any foods that are not part of my planned diet – period. I also will not be drinking any alcoholic beverages during the course of this cut. The only things I’ll be drinking are water and black coffee.

When I was cutting down to 6% body fat last year I learned a lot from Mastover – the mastermind behind my 2007 cutting meal plans. This year I’ve taken what I learned from Mastover and changed some things. One thing that will not change is I will be eating a 100% all-natural diet (save protein powder, which is a processed food item). Those of you who have been visiting this site for awhile know that I’m always experimenting and changing things up. Experimentation is the only way we can learn what works best for us.

The first major change is that I’ve decided to step away from a low carb/refeed-style diet (at least for now – that may change as I get closer to my goal of 6% body fat). Instead, I’ve centered my diet around training and non-training days. On training days I’ll be eating some carbs pre-workout, and again post-workout (PWO meal #1 and PWO meal #2). I will also get a few carbs in the form of fibrous veggies (pretty much nothing but broccoli) and fruit (grapefruit). On non-training days I’ll be eating some carbs with meal #3 (1/2 cup of brown rice), but other than that my only carb intake will be broccoli and grapefruit.

Last year I ate a lot of cod. I even had cod for breakfast, and after awhile I started to dread getting up in the morning and wanted to punch cod. I like cod, and I still eat it, but I will only be eating it occasionally this go-round. I want to see how much of a difference it makes.

I’ve made some changes with regards to my supplements, too. Basically I’ve eliminated many of the supplements I took last year, and simplified things. I won’t be taking Mass Aminos or Lean Out this time. Those supplements were very expensive, and I want to judge for myself if the expense was worth it by trying a cut without them. My supplement intake will be fairly basic: a multivitamin, an EFA oil blend, joint support, creatine, glutamine and BCAAs.

I’ll be doing a mix of HIIT and LISS cardio on non-training days. Basically I’ll decide on that day what I feel like doing, but I will do both styles every week. As I get closer to my goal I will probably increase cardio and will likely do double sessions (AM LISS and PM HIIT).

It looks like I’m out of time, so I’d better wrap this up. More tomorrow. Happy Friday!

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