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I’m feeling great; Are you ready to get in shape? Here’s how.

Saturday, March 29, 2008 by  
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Spring is here, and the prospect of warmer days seems to be affecting just about everyone in a very positive way. The mood on the forum right now seems to be especially energetic and upbeat. It’s really cool to see so many people enthusiastically working towards getting in shape for summer. Believe me, I’m feeling it, too! This past week has been awesome: every workout has been better than the last, for the first time in months I’ve been looking forward to training again and my diet has been perfect. It’s so nice to go to bed each night feeling positive and energetic instead of bloated from junk food and half-drunk from alcohol (as was the case so often over the extended move and while on vacation).

Over the past few months I was drinking too much alcohol and eating like crap much of the time. I didn’t workout consistently, and when I did workout it was forced and not very enjoyable. I actually found myself struggling to break out of those destructive patterns because, as we all know, being lazy can be very addictive. Taking a week off from everything made a huge difference, but that was not enough. I think the real turning point that put me back on track is when I publicly committed to getting back down to 6% body fat by following a very strict diet with no alcohol.

Sometimes it helps to put your goals in writing and then fly your mission up a flagpole for all to see. It’s like telling the world, “Yeah, I’m going to do this and absolutely nothing is going to stop me!” Most people enjoy a challenge. I think that’s why JSF forum members who keep active journals tend to stick around and see their goals through compared to those who sort of meander around for a few weeks with no real plan, and then disappear back into their bag of Doritos. Believe me, getting in shape is every bit as addictive as being lazy, and it’s a hell of a lot more rewarding. All you have to do is have a firm goal and a solid plan, and then take it one day at a time. If your diet and training are in order and you stay dedicated, you will see results fairly quickly. Those results will fuel your desire to keep working hard.

The JSF Forum can help educate you, provide you with support, answer your questions and keep you accountable in a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you are ready to make a change in your life, I encourage you to create a free account and begin your journey today! A good place to start is by reading the “sticky” threads in the Beginner’s forum (the threads that are “stuck” at the very top).

You can make the choice to change right now if you want to, or you can go on being unhealthy and unhappy in your own skin. Just imagine for a moment looking back on this day in a few months as a completely different person. Sound far-fetched? It’s not. People do it all the time. I did it. You can do it, too, but you are the only one who can make that choice.

A couple more quick notes, and then I have to go do my cardio…

First, I want to mention that yesterday’s workout was outstanding! I tore into the weights like like a starving man would tear into a juicy steak. I found myself only taking 45 seconds rest between sets because I was so completely fired up. Man, there really is no feeling like being in the zone while lifting weights.

Finally, if you missed it and are interested, I posted and discussed my cutting diet yesterday.

Have a great Saturday!

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