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Weekly stats; Beating temptation.

Sunday, March 30, 2008 by  
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The first week of my cut has been spot-on, and I’m very pleased to be off to a good start. This morning I took a complete set of tape measurements, and a body fat reading…

My waist is 32.5″ right now. While not horrible, I guess, it’s still pretty high for me. In July 2007 (@ 6% body fat) my waist size was 30.25″, and my aim this go-round is to get my waist to 30.25″ or even 30″. As always, my complete current measurements can be found on my stats page.

I also took a 7-point body fat reading this morning, and was surprised that it’s below 12%. The official result is 11.5% (as measured using a 7-site pinch test with the fat track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall).

Yesterday was a day filled with temptations. First of all, Saturday is my normal cheat meal day, so I was fighting that craving. Especially when Lisa had wine with dinner and then started eating ice cream for dessert. Yeah, there is some left over junk food and alcohol from our vacation (wine, beer, pizza, ice cream, chips). I knew that those foods would be around when I decided to forgo cheat meals, and that weird side of me that I can’t explain was actually excited about the extra challenge that having those foods in the house would present. Don’t ask me why that is. I guess part of me enjoys the test of my willpower. When I get in this mode it’s like turning on a switch. I know in my heart that I can not and will not falter. It’s black and white for me. That “machine” mindset is my secret weapon, I guess.

Lisa and I were out running some errands yesterday, and we passed our favorite Mexican restaurant twice. We both looked at each other and said the restaurant’s name out loud. Our words were dripping with longing. Lisa knows me very well when I’m in this mode, she knew that the chances of me actually pulling in to the parking lot were about equal to my purposely driving us off a cliff. She likes that about me, though. 🙂

No morning cardio for me today. Today I’ll be doing an afternoon HIIT session, which I’m looking forward to. My cardiovascular fitness level is in need of a boost, and HIIT is a great way to do that. Enjoy your Sunday!

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