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New workout progress photos; Monthly photos.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 by  
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My workouts just keep getting better and better! Before my vacation I felt like I was climbing a mountain with no shoes on my feet, and now I feel like I’m barreling down the other side of that mountain, picking up speed and power with every passing second. This is the feeling I was struggling to find before my vacation, and now that I’ve got it back I feel unstoppable again. I’m so happy right now.

Something I’ve always done over the years is take lot of workout and post-workout pictures to sort of photographically chart my progress. While my monthly progress photos are a useful tool, the workout photos are generally more interesting and more focused. I haven’t really taken any workout photos so far this year, so last night I decided that it was time to start doing that again. You can expect to see new photos on a more regular basis once again now that I’m back in the swing of things. Yesterday’s workout photos can be found in my photo journal. Here’s the direct link.

My monthly progress photos are also up this morning. The title of this month’s photos might be “Dude, where’s my abs?” :blank: Yeah, these are my worst monthly photos in a long time. Consider them my “before” pictures for this year’s cut. With no cheats, a clean all-natural diet, no alcohol and no missed workouts, I guarantee that next month’s photos will be markedly improved.

As an aside, I finally got the monthly photo lighting and camera position worked out so they are much closer to the conditions present at the old house. So, from a purely technical standpoint, these new photos are better than last month’s! :D

I’m very excited about the progress I’ll be making over the next month. Stay tuned…

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