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Leg day; Destabilized scapula?

Thursday, April 3, 2008 by  
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You know that sort of scared/excited feeling when you are on a roller coaster heading up the tallest hill just before the fastest drop? That’s not too far from how I feel when I wake up in the morning on leg day. I’ve always said that if you are not a little scared on leg day then you’re just not working hard enough. I hope the afternoon rains hold off long enough to allow me to get some backyard walking lunges in…

In yesterday’s update I mentioned a reoccurring pain in my upper back that recently flared up after my last couple of chest workouts. It seems I’m far from alone, as I heard from quite a few of you who have experienced the same sort of pain. I received a lot of helpful suggestions, but the one that kept coming up over and over was a professional massage. I love the sound of that! Even if it doesn’t correct this specific problem, it sure can’t hurt.

As for the specific cause of the pain? I think Chicanerous may have nailed it: destabilized scapula. Check out his very helpful post here.

I’m going to head for the kitchen and start fueling up for my leg workout. It’s going to be a killer: I’m feeling awesome this morning.

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