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Two weeks of 100% dedication and counting; DHL SUCKS!

Saturday, April 5, 2008 by  
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Yesterday’s weight training workout capped off two straight weeks of awesome progress. My strength is increasing, my energy levels are high and my motivation is very strong and growing with each day. My diet over the past two weeks has also been 100% spot-on: I’ve not missed a single meal, there have been no cheat meals, and I’ve not eaten so much as a single bite of anything off my planned cutting diet. I’ve also been sleeping better than I’ve slept in months, and part of that is probably because I’m completely abstaining from alcohol.

Speaking of alcohol, last night after PWO meal #2 I was struck by the desire to relax with an alcoholic drink. I was further tempted because Lisa stopped on the way home from work and picked up a couple bottles of red wine. Lisa poured herself a glass of wine, and I could smell it across the room. The funny thing is, once I smelled the wine my craving vanished! The wine actually smelled bad to me (not “bad” as in the wine had turned; “bad” as in completely unappealing).

I honestly feel that I have done everything in my power over the past two weeks to maximize my progress. It feels very satisfying. While I’ve had some pretty intense cravings, it gets a little easier each day. Weekends always present an extra challenge, as I normally would be having a cheat meal tonight. Actually today my planned diet calls for eye of round steak and broccoli for meal #5, and that’s going to be awesome!

I normally wouldn’t post this kind of thing here, but I’m so irritated by what happened that I wanted to take advantage of the fact that thousands of people read this page every day and spread the word. Before you think about using DHL for your shipping needs, look what I captured on my security cameras yesterday afternoon. Real professional.

I’ve got some gardening to do this morning, and this afternoon I’ll be doing HIIT. I might try and work a movie or two in as well. Should be a nice day!

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