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After a stall, now weight is dropping rapidly; AtLarge sale!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 by  
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It’s fascinating how our bodies work. Fat loss is definitely not a linear process; progress almost always happens in fits and burst. After 7 days at basically the same weight (195.x pounds), yesterday my scale weight dropped to 194.4 pounds and this morning it dropped yet again to 193.6 pounds.

Over the past 15 days my diet and training have both been in perfect adherence to my 2008 cutting meal plan and my current training program, so it’s not like I made changes in those areas to force this recent progress. This is just the way our bodies work. Making rash change to your program every time your progress stalls is counter-productive; doing so will usually create more problems than it solves. The real keys to making progress are consistency and patience. Plateaus are quite normal, and something that we all have to learn to cope with. The temptation to drop your calories (or worse – give up) once a stall is encountered is a strong one, but you’ve got to resist. Stay on track and the fat will almost always begin to come off again. In general I’d start to look at making a change only after more than a week with absolutely no change in tape and/or caliper measurements.

AtLarge is running another 10% off sale! It’s very unusual for them to run two sales so close together (they had a JSF exclusive sale last month), so this may be it for a long time. Take advantage of it! Now is the time for all you long-time customers to stock up on all your favorite AtLarge supplements, and try anything new that you’ve been considering. If you’ve never used AtLarge’s products before, now is an ideal time to find out for yourself why they have earned countless raves for their products, shipping times and customer service. Details are immediately below this update!

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Chris Mason
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