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Blood work this morning; Awesome APT sale.

Friday, April 11, 2008 by  
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I’m very excited about taking my measurements this Sunday. This morning I noticed some very definite fat loss progress in my mid-section. While my mid-section is always the last part of my body to shred up (and still has a long way to go), it’s nice to see even a little improvement in that area!

This morning I have to go have blood work done for my annual checkup. I hate having blood work done because I have to be fasted and the wait is always a long one. I get grumpy without my breakfast. Oh well, at least I am allowed to have my coffee! I thought about asking my doctor to have the lab check my testosterone (it’s never been checked before), but decided against it since I’ve not exhibited any symptoms of low “T”. Next year I’ll be 40 years old, so maybe I’ll have my “T” levels tested just to satisfy my curiosity.

I’d better get on the road because I’m already starving to death. I’m taking a protein shake with me so I can eat as soon as I’m done!

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