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Weekend plans and temptations?

Saturday, April 12, 2008 by  
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Tomorrow Lisa and I are having family over for a movie and dinner. This event will may be a test my willpower, as everyone but me will be having cheese, crackers, snacks, wine, big juicy steaks and dessert. I will be sticking 100% to my planned diet and I will not consume any alcohol.

I say tomorrow may be a test of my willpower, but actually I don’t think there’s going to be all that much temptation to stray from my usual diet. I’m feeling great about my progress, and lately my cravings for junk food have been few and far between. Also, I’ve completely lost any desire for alcohol, so that aspect won’t be a problem at all.

Tomorrow will mark three weeks of 100% dedication to my 2008 cut: there have been no missed meals, no meals off my planned diet, no missed weight training sessions, no missed cardio sessions and I have consumed no alcohol. My progress has reflected this dedication; my strength is up, and the fat is coming off. Tomorrow I will take my weekly tape and body fat measurements. I’ll be below 10% body fat very soon (if I’m not already). 6%, here I come!

I’m going to do some LISS cardio this morning, then wash the car and go get my hair cut. This afternoon I’m just going to relax and not do much of anything at all. 🙂

Have a great day! I’ll be back tomorrow with my weekly measurements…

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