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Willpower test yesterday.

Monday, April 14, 2008 by  
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Yesterday Lisa and I had her family over for dinner and a movie. Warding off the temptation to join them in a cheat meal was a lot tougher than I thought it would be! About an hour after my 3:30 PM protein shake everyone else was enjoying a variety of different cheeses, crackers and wine. I was starving to death, and the food looked soooo delicious and tempting. I focused on my goals and switched my mindset from “I really want this food!” to “I want my abs back!” I didn’t eat so much as single bite.

The next test came at dinner time. I always do the cooking, so last night I prepared a casual (but tasty!) meal of grilled cheeseburgers and grilled red onions served on toasted seseme seed buns with kettle chips on the side… for everyone except me. I had a lean turkey patty served on a plate (no bun) and veggies. Again, not so much as a single morsel of food off my planned diet.

I’m frequently asked how I can go weeks and months without a cheat meal. The answer to that question is actually fairly simple and boring, and it boils down to two things: self-discipline, and taking it one day at a time until the goal is reached. I think the trick – if there is such a thing – is adopting the proper mindset before starting. If you decide to cut body fat like I choose to (it’s not for everyone), you have to go into it knowing that there is no “door #2”, no wiggle room and no “just this one time”. All those things are slippery slopes, and once you lose your footing you’re going to have a very tough time getting it back.

I’m enjoying this year’s cut – I really am. I feel great, I feel strong and I feel disciplined. With no cheat meals, each day brings me one step closer to my goal. Why take a step backwards when I can use that energy to go forward? That’s my attitude!

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