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Awesome increases in strength/muscle endurance; New tricep photo.

Thursday, April 17, 2008 by  
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This week I’ve had the most dramatic increases in strength since my post-move return to training. Over the past month I’ve slowly been building my strength back, and I have been very happy with my progress, but this entire week has been absolutely phenomenal!

I added 10 pounds to all of my chest and tricep exercises yesterday, and I increased the number of reps that I was able to do last week on every single exercise. Not only is my strength up, but my muscle endurance has skyrocketed. When I finished my first set of flat bench presses yesterday I had to double-check the plates; the set felt so easy that I thought I’d made a mistake in loading the bar. Clearly I’m seeing the effects of muscle memory here.

Some of you may have noticed that I did my chest/triceps workout on Wednesday instead of Tuesday (which is my normally scheduled chest/tri workout day). Sometimes I swap my Tuesday strength training workout and my Wednesday cardio workout if I feel I need a little more recovery time after Monday’s back workout. I’ve done that the past couple of weeks, actually.

I took a new tricep shot yesterday and put it in my journal.

I’m late for breakfast, so I’d better wrap up. I’m going to need the fuel – it’s leg day!

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