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Blood test/check-up results.

Friday, April 18, 2008 by  
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I’ve got the results of the blood work from my “annual” checkup (which, as it turns out, hasn’t very annual at all!), and overall I’m very pleased.

First, a bit of history. Everyone in my family has relatively high total cholesterol numbers, and that’s the genetic hand I was dealt. So, ever since I started my transformation back in 2003, the goal has always been to have a favorable HDL/LDL ratio, perform lots of cardio and strength training exercise and not engage in any activities that are known to increase risk of heart disease, such as smoking.

The last blood test that I had before I started my transformation was back in 2001. At the time, my total cholesterol was 238 (I’m sorry, but I don’t have the HDL, LDL or Triglyceride numbers). When I started my transformation in January 2003, I was considerably heavier than I was when that blood work was done, and I was still smoking pot daily (I’d already stopping smoking cigarettes). It stands to reason that my cholesterol numbers were far worse in 2003 than they were in 2001. I wish I had those numbers.

About a year into my transformation (December 2003) I had my cholesterol checked again. At that time I’d dropped 55 pounds of fat and lowered my body fat percentage from 30% to around 9%. I also completely gave up smoking weed nine months prior (March 2003). My total cholesterol was down to 181 (LDL 106, HDL 57 and Triglycerides 90). That’s a .54 HDL/LDL ratio.

My new numbers show improvement in some areas (HDL and Triglycerides), and a slight increase in my LDL. My total cholesterol is 194. My HDL (“good” cholesterol – higher is better) is 61, which is an improvement over my 2003 reading. My LDL is 117, and that’s a little higher than it was in 2003. My Triglycerides have also improved since 2003 and dropped from 90 to 82. My HDL/LDL ratio is .52 – about the same as it was in 2003. The higher that ratio the better. Anything above .40 is considered good according to my doctor. I attribute the increase in LDL to the fact that I’m at a slightly higher body fat percentage (10.1%), and the less than stellar diet I ate while on hiatus for the move and also while on vacation. I expect my LDL numbers will continue to fall as I get further into my cut.

All my other blood tests were within “normal” ranges, and my doctor told me that my overall level of health and fitness is “outstanding”.

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