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Huge water weight loss this morning.

Monday, April 28, 2008 by  
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This morning I’m down to a 2008 cutting low of 188.6 pounds! That’s two pounds less than my previous light weight of 190.6 pounds (this past Wednesday). I looked at my weight history, and three out of the last four Mondays have shown fairly significant and sudden drops in scale weight. I’m pretty sure I know why this keeps happening on Mondays, and I believe it is a combination of several factors…

First of all, I’m fairly carb sensitive, and on weight training days (4 out of the 5 weekdays), I’m eating a higher amount of carbohydrates. These carbs are likely causing a certain amount of water retention. On the weekends I’m eating very few carbs (aside from grapefruit and veggies, I’m consuming just 1/2 cup of brown rice each day), and this is likely allowing my body to shed excess water weight.

Also, I’m doing cardio on Saturdays and on Sundays. With more time available to me on the weekends, I tend to favor LISS cardio; there is a lot of sweating involved.

Finally, I think my overall sodium intake is reduced and my water intake is increased on Saturdays and Sundays. These are not things I do consciously, but just products of my weekend meal plans and schedule. Both of these things help reduce water weight.

So I think I was wise to not change anything yesterday. Based on yesterday’s body fat and tape measurements I’m clearly still losing fat at a pretty good clip.

Actually, I would like to change my weekly measurement day from Sunday to Monday, but Lisa (I need her help for the 7-point body fat caliper skinfold test) and I are both so pressed for time on Monday morning that it’s not always possible to take my body fat readings. I like to perform at least three readings to ensure the results are as consistent and accurate as possible, and I don’t like to rush the process.

Anyway, stuff like this is why I enjoy tracking my progress in such great detail. I find it fascinating to study how my body reacts to various conditions and foods. The more you know your own body the better equipped you you are to control it and change it.

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