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Time to dial in the six-pack.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by  
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My scale weight went back up a little this morning, and this slight increase in water weight falls right in line with the hypothesis I presented in yesterday’s update concerning my historically “dry” Monday morning weigh-ins.

I’ll be posting my monthly progress pictures on Thursday, and I expect to see a fairly significant improvement over last month’s photos, which were my worst in a long time. Looking in the mirror I can clearly see a change for the better with regards to my overall “X” shape, but my abs are still not really popping yet. Of course I just dropped below 10% body fat a couple days ago, and my abs don’t look too defined until I get closer to 8% body fat. From this point forward almost all my fat loss is going to come directly from my mid-section, so the next couple of months should be quite rewarding (but difficult!) By June my abs should be looking pretty darn good, and by the beginning of July I expect to be at 6% body fat and sporting a tight six-pack.

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