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Weekly measurements.

It’s Sunday, and that means that it’s time for my weekly tape measurements and body fat reading… My scale weight over the past week has dropped two full pounds, moving from 193.8 pounds down to 191.8 pounds. That’s a very solid net weight loss for the week, but let’s see how that breaks down in terms of lean mass and fat… My body fat measurement this morning is 10.1% (as measured by the Fat Track… [Read more]

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Almost 4 weeks, good progress; Stalls.

Tomorrow will complete the first four weeks of my 2008 cut, and I’m very happy with how things have been coming along. Going the past month without any cheat meals has been challenging at times, but the results have been worth it. I think this extra strict cutting regimen and sense of structure is just what I needed after coming off a few very lax months. I’m responding well, and that’s keeping me highly motivated…. [Read more]

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Blood test/check-up results.

I’ve got the results of the blood work from my “annual” checkup (which, as it turns out, hasn’t very annual at all!), and overall I’m very pleased. First, a bit of history. Everyone in my family has relatively high total cholesterol numbers, and that’s the genetic hand I was dealt. So, ever since I started my transformation back in 2003, the goal has always been to have a favorable HDL/LDL ratio, perform lots of cardio… [Read more]

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Awesome increases in strength/muscle endurance; New tricep photo.

This week I’ve had the most dramatic increases in strength since my post-move return to training. Over the past month I’ve slowly been building my strength back, and I have been very happy with my progress, but this entire week has been absolutely phenomenal! I added 10 pounds to all of my chest and tricep exercises yesterday, and I increased the number of reps that I was able to do last week on every single… [Read more]

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The sad state of the supplement industry.

You know, most of the major players in the supplement industry irritate the living crap out of me. Yesterday there was a thread on the forum asking about MuscleTech’s “Anabolic Halo” product. As most people who get into weight training quickly learn, MuscleTech is one of the worst offenders when it comes to overblown claims, high prices and marketing that would make the most audacious used car salesman turn bright red with embarrassment. Unfortunately many… [Read more]

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6% and my monthly photos; May 2008 “100 Challenge” open for entry!

I’ve been tossing around the idea of not taking monthly pictures while I’m cutting down to 6% body fat. I was thinking it might be cool to follow up my terrible April 1, 2008 pictures with dramatic 6% body fat pictures. I’m guessing that I’ll reach my goal of 6% body fat about the same time as I did last summer, so I expect that my July 2008 pictures will be my 6% photos. Calm… [Read more]

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Willpower test yesterday.

Yesterday Lisa and I had her family over for dinner and a movie. Warding off the temptation to join them in a cheat meal was a lot tougher than I thought it would be! About an hour after my 3:30 PM protein shake everyone else was enjoying a variety of different cheeses, crackers and wine. I was starving to death, and the food looked soooo delicious and tempting. I focused on my goals and switched… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements, awesome progress!

What an excellent week of fat loss progress this has been! First, my scale weight over the past week has dropped from 195.2 pounds to 193.8 pounds, which is a 1.4 pound net weight loss. My body fat measurement this morning is 10.1% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers), down from last week’s 10.8%. That means that this past week I lost approximately 1.5 pounds of fat, and gained a… [Read more]

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Weekend plans and temptations?

Tomorrow Lisa and I are having family over for a movie and dinner. This event will may be a test my willpower, as everyone but me will be having cheese, crackers, snacks, wine, big juicy steaks and dessert. I will be sticking 100% to my planned diet and I will not consume any alcohol. I say tomorrow may be a test of my willpower, but actually I don’t think there’s going to be all that… [Read more]

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Blood work this morning; Awesome APT sale.

I’m very excited about taking my measurements this Sunday. This morning I noticed some very definite fat loss progress in my mid-section. While my mid-section is always the last part of my body to shred up (and still has a long way to go), it’s nice to see even a little improvement in that area! This morning I have to go have blood work done for my annual checkup. I hate having blood work done… [Read more]

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