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Do you want it badly enough?; New progress photo.

People sure are fired up about getting in shape for the summer right now! I see this sort of thing every year once the weather begins to warm, but this year is different for some reason… maybe more people than usual are making their plans public. I don’t know for sure, but I like it! It’s very healthy to surround yourself with like-minded individuals when you are trying to reach a difficult goal. I know… [Read more]

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All or nothing.

I feel incredibly positive about my cutting progress so far this year, and my motivation and drive are as high as they have ever been. Even though I’m in a caloric deficit and losing fat, my strength and endurance in the gym are both increasing with each and every workout. Clearly muscle memory is playing a significant role in my strength gains (I’m still not even close to my past personal bests), but I also… [Read more]

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After a stall, now weight is dropping rapidly; AtLarge sale!

It’s fascinating how our bodies work. Fat loss is definitely not a linear process; progress almost always happens in fits and burst. After 7 days at basically the same weight (195.x pounds), yesterday my scale weight dropped to 194.4 pounds and this morning it dropped yet again to 193.6 pounds. Over the past 15 days my diet and training have both been in perfect adherence to my 2008 cutting meal plan and my current training… [Read more]

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Lean mass? Fat? Muscle? What’s the difference?

This morning I weighed in at 194.4 pounds: almost a full pound less than yesterday, and a new low scale weight (by almost a pound) for this year’s cut. Clearly I didn’t lose an entire pound of fat in just 24 hours, so what gives? Read on… Sudden, relatively “drastic” drops and rises in scale weight are very common. Our body weights will fluctuate quite a bit every day based on all kinds of factors,… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements.

My scale weight this morning is 195.2 pounds, and that’s just shy of a 1/2 pound net body weight loss for the week. This past Friday I wrote about scale weight at length, and today my tape and body fat measurements will support what I wrote on Friday. Let’s go over my findings… First of all, my tape measurements were very encouraging! Over the past week I’ve lost over 1/4″ inch from each my waist,… [Read more]

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Two weeks of 100% dedication and counting; DHL SUCKS!

Yesterday’s weight training workout capped off two straight weeks of awesome progress. My strength is increasing, my energy levels are high and my motivation is very strong and growing with each day. My diet over the past two weeks has also been 100% spot-on: I’ve not missed a single meal, there have been no cheat meals, and I’ve not eaten so much as a single bite of anything off my planned cutting diet. I’ve also… [Read more]

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Change to split; Why has the scale not moved?

Yesterday I decided to make a minor change to my current weight training split: I’ve moved calves from Thursday (quads and hamstrings) to Friday (delts, traps and now calves). The reason for this change is mainly to better balance the volume and length of those two workouts. As always, my current and past training information can be found on my training page. I received an email yesterday asking why my weight has been flatlined all… [Read more]

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Leg day; Destabilized scapula?

You know that sort of scared/excited feeling when you are on a roller coaster heading up the tallest hill just before the fastest drop? That’s not too far from how I feel when I wake up in the morning on leg day. I’ve always said that if you are not a little scared on leg day then you’re just not working hard enough. I hope the afternoon rains hold off long enough to allow me… [Read more]

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Cardio day; Pain in upper back; No cravings.

It’s Wednesday or, as I like to call it, the “eye of the storm”. Wednesday is the only weekday that I don’t train with weights, and it’s a nice chance to take a breather between workouts. I’ve decided that for today’s cardio I’ll be doing an afternoon HIIT session. Over the past week I’ve already noticed an improvement in my cardio fitness level, and I want to continue to build on that by doing at… [Read more]

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New workout progress photos; Monthly photos.

My workouts just keep getting better and better! Before my vacation I felt like I was climbing a mountain with no shoes on my feet, and now I feel like I’m barreling down the other side of that mountain, picking up speed and power with every passing second. This is the feeling I was struggling to find before my vacation, and now that I’ve got it back I feel unstoppable again. I’m so happy right… [Read more]

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