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Back doing a little better this morning!

I forced myself to get up and out of bed this morning. I’m hobling around like a little old lady, but at least I’m up and moving around. I’m actually typing this update from my home office, so that’s an improvment over yesterday. Later today I plan to take a long soak in my jetted tub, and I will continute with the ice packs and Aleve. Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty negative, but this… [Read more]

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Injured my back – cut on hold.

I’m writing this update on my laptop from my bed because yesterday I injured my back while doing squats. As I wrote in my journal last night, I can’t stand up straight, and getting out of bed and walking is pretty agonizing. The exact same thing happened to me about two and half years ago (January 2006) while doing squats, and now it’s happened again. I was well warmed up, I was not going very… [Read more]

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Another busy day; Working out at home vs. a gym; Leg day.

Yesterday was a very busy day, and today is going to be more of the same. In fact, I’ve got an early morning meeting that I need to start getting ready for right now. After my meeting I’ve got quite a bit of work to do, but I’ll break away long enough to get my leg workout in this afternoon. I know some people love going to a commercial gym, but for me and my… [Read more]

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Nice day off yesterday, but lots to do today.

I had yesterday off from work, and my initial plan for the day was to work on some JSF stuff. I started off doing that, but my interest quickly waned. I felt like I needed a break from computers and stuff, so I wandered off to start measuring, planning and making final equipment selections for our home theater (details are in my New Home Journal). Getting away from computers was just the sort of break… [Read more]

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I’m off today; Need to work on some JSF stuff; Goals this fall.

I’m more or less off from work today because I had to unexpectedly work on Saturday and Sunday. I just have a couple of work-related items to address this morning, and then I’ve got the entire day to do whatever I want. I think I’m going to work on adding some new features to the forum. Also, the JSF Merchandise was never re-designed to use the new logo, and I either need to get that… [Read more]

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Memorial Day plans; Had to work yesterday.

Today we observe Memorial Day here in the US, so I’ve got the day off from work. We’re having family over this afternoon for a barbecue and a movie, so I’m going to get my workout in this morning about an hour after meal #1. For dinner I’ll be grilling sirloin burgers for the entire family, but I’m going to have a lean turkey patty and veggies. Yesterday Lisa and I had a lot of… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements; New meal plan for weeks 10-?.

It’s Sunday, and time once again for my weekly tape measurements and body fat reading. My scale weight is identical to last week: 184.4 pounds this morning, 184.4 pounds last Sunday and 184 pounds the Sunday before that. I’m clearly stalled, and it’s time to change my diet. More on that in a bit. My body fat measurement this morning is 8.1% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That is… [Read more]

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Saturday plans; Diet; More new features coming soon!

Ah, Saturday… and a three day weekend as well! I think Lisa and I are going to get our weekend chores out of the way this morning (house cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work) and then just relax. The forecast is calling for a very rainy afternoon, so kicking back and watching a couple of movies sounds pretty good. Tomorrow the skies are supposed to be crystal clear, so I’ll probably spend half the day performing… [Read more]

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Cheat meal AND missed my leg workout.

Well, yesterday turned out to be a really fun and exciting day, but not so great from a fitness standpoint. Turns out Lisa’s new car was ready a day early, so we picked it up from the dealership and then drove around, oohing and ahhing over all the insanely cool new technology and toys. We were having so much fun that I missed my leg workout. Not only that, Lisa and I decided to go… [Read more]

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Feeling great; Thanks; I <3 Viper.

Even though I woke up feeling very groggy and “out of it” yesterday morning, I had an extraordinary amount of energy once I finally shook off the cobwebs. I still have no idea why I woke up in such a daze; normally I jump out of bed and am pretty alert within minutes. Yesterday morning I felt as if I’d been drugged or something. This morning? I woke up feeling alert and well-rested, as I… [Read more]

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