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Weekly measurements/progress report.

Monday, May 5, 2008 by  
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It’s time for my weekly tape measurements and body fat reading (a day later than usual).

My scale weight over the past week (using last Monday’s weight as a base) has dropped 1.4 pounds, moving from 188.6 pounds down to 187.2 pounds. Looks good so far, but let’s break that number down…

My body fat measurement this morning is 8.8% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That means I lost 1.6 pounds of fat over the past week, and gained .2 pounds of lean mass. I want to stress once again that lean mass is not the same thing as muscle. Lean mass includes muscle, but it also includes everything else in our bodies except for adipose tissue (fat). There is no way I’m adding muscle right now. 2/10th of a pound is practically nothing, and is easily explained as either a small amount of water retention and/or slight variations with the caliper reading.

Moving on to my soft tape measurements, over the past week I lost another quarter of an inch from my waist, a half inch from my hips and a quarter inch from my thighs. My chest measurement also decreased a quarter of an inch. That’s the first drop in my chest measurement since I started cutting, and it is due to fat loss. I had some visible fat in my chest area a month ago, and it’s been slowly melting away.

My waist size is down to 31 inches! Six weeks ago it measured 32.5 inches, so that’s a pretty significant improvement in just six weeks. Last July when I hit 6% body fat my waist measurement was 30.25 inches, so I don’t have too much further to go now! Of course the drop from ~8% body fat to 6% body fat is tough to do, so I’ve certainly got some work ahead of me.

I’m very surprised that I’m still seeing such good progress using the exact same diet and training that I started with six weeks ago. I thought for sure that I’d need to drop my calories by now. I’m not going to fix something that isn’t broken; I’m going to continue once again this week with no changes to my diet and training.

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