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Weekly measurements; Server benchmarks; Even more new features.

Sunday, May 11, 2008 by  
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I’ve got lots to go over this morning, so let’s get the ball rolling!

First of all, it’s Sunday and time for my weekly measurements. My scale weight over the past week (using last Sunday’s weight as a base) has dropped 3.2 pounds, moving from 187.2 pounds down to 184 pounds. Wow, that’s a bit too much weight loss for just one week, especially because I’m at a fairly low body fat percentage. My weight loss should be slowing right now, not increasing. I suspect I’ve lost some lean mass. Let’s see…

My body fat measurement this morning is 8.0% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers), down from last week’s measurement of 8.8%. That means I lost 1.75 pounds of fat over the past week – a perfectly normal amount – but I also lost 1.44 pounds of lean mass. Was that lean mass loss water, muscle or both? I suspect a little of each. When cutting down below 8% some amount of muscle loss is unavoidable, but I do what I can to keep it to a minimum.

Now let’s check out the tape measurements and see if I lost any muscle size…

Over the past week I lost a quarter of an inch from my waist (actually a little more than that, but not quite a half inch) and a quarter of an inch from my hips (as measured by the MyoTape). All other measurements did not change.

So if I lost a little muscle it’s not really showing in the form of reduced muscle size. You’d think at this point in my cut I’d need to reduce my calories, but clearly I do not. In fact, I’m going to continue eating eye of round steak since it doesn’t seem to be hurting my progress.

Moving on to the subject of the new JSF servers and the new Forum software, I’ve got several items to discuss. First of all, if you are interested I posted some benchmarks for the new web server, and then a couple of posts later I performed the same tests on the existing web server. You can check out the detailed benchmark results starting here, but the bottom line is the new web server is literally around 100 times more powerful than the existing server when it comes to serving up web pages. The new server was easily able to handle serving up 100,000 web pages at a rate of 1,000 simultaneous requests – all in around 25 seconds! The existing server? It crashed before even 10% of the test could be completed.

I’ve got a choice to make with regards to the new forum software: upgrade before the new servers are in place, or put the new servers in place and then upgrade the software. Right now I’m leaning very heavily towards performing the forum upgrade before deploying the new hardware, so there may be some downtime in the near future while I do this.

Also, in addition to all the great new forum features that the new software will bring, I’ve decided to purchase an additional add-on product: vBulletin blogs! This cool product will allow JSF members to create their own blogs right here on JSF. There are so many cool features and ways to customize your blog that I think you all are going to be blown away. I’m out of time right now, but I’ll talk in more detail about this cool new product in the coming days.

Between the new hardware and all the awesome new upcoming features, this is by far the most significant set of changes in the entire 5-year history of JSF. This is an exciting time, and I think these changes are going to take our community to a whole next level. I want to thank everyone for their continued support, without which none of this would be possible!

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