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Saturday plans; Diet; More new features coming soon!

Saturday, May 24, 2008 by  
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Ah, Saturday… and a three day weekend as well! I think Lisa and I are going to get our weekend chores out of the way this morning (house cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work) and then just relax. The forecast is calling for a very rainy afternoon, so kicking back and watching a couple of movies sounds pretty good. Tomorrow the skies are supposed to be crystal clear, so I’ll probably spend half the day performing the initial detailing of Lisa’s new car. The way I detail a new car is a fairly long and labor-intensive process, but when I finish the paint will look like liquid glass and be well protected from the elements. Truth be told, I’m actually looking forward to doing the work. When I’m done we’ll probably go for a nice long drive to nowhere in particular…

Unfortunately my cheat meal yesterday is going to make my weekly measurements (which will be taken tomorrow) a little off. I think it’s safe to say I’m still stalled, so I will be changing my diet around a bit tomorrow. Nothing drastic, just some changes to my non-workout day diet – a few less carbs, a little more fat.

Now that the new JSF hardware and software has been installed and are pretty much tweaked and “dialed in”, I’m going to start looking at adding some additional new features and further enhancements. Expect to see some new stuff start appearing by the end of next week. Stay tuned!

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