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Memorial Day plans; Had to work yesterday.

Today we observe Memorial Day here in the US, so I’ve got the day off from work. We’re having family over this afternoon for a barbecue and a movie, so I’m going to get my workout in this morning about an hour after meal #1. For dinner I’ll be grilling sirloin burgers for the entire family, but I’m going to have a lean turkey patty and veggies.

Yesterday Lisa and I had a lot of fun driving around in her new toy, but when we arrived back home late yesterday afternoon my pager called me into work. A critical server had gone down, and that sort of thing is my responsibility. Up until that point I’d had a fun, but long and tiring day; I just wanted to kick back, relax and enjoy my Sunday evening. Instead I had to make the 40-mile trek (round-trip) downtown to diagnose and repair the server. Oh well, it’s part of the job!

To my fellow Americans: have a safe Memorial Day, and please be sure to take some time to honor all the brave men and women who have given their lives for our country.