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Injured my back – cut on hold.

Friday, May 30, 2008 by  
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I’m writing this update on my laptop from my bed because yesterday I injured my back while doing squats. As I wrote in my journal last night, I can’t stand up straight, and getting out of bed and walking is pretty agonizing. The exact same thing happened to me about two and half years ago (January 2006) while doing squats, and now it’s happened again. I was well warmed up, I was not going very heavy, my forum was tight and I was not fatigued. I was simply coming up from a rep and it was like someone hit me in the lower back with a baseball bat. The pain was excruciating, and I had to immediately bail out. I don’t know much about back injuries, but I wonder if I’m popping a disc out or something. Maybe I have a disc that is prone to doing that? The pain is in the exact same spot as it was last time.

So, this really sucks. Last time the injury healed on it’s own (I didn’t go to the doctor) and I’ve been fine since. I was completely out of action for a few weeks, as I recall, and it took even more time before I was able to do any real back and leg work again.

Obviously cutting while unable to lift is not a good thing – especially as I dip below 8% body fat. I’m going to put my cut on hold and eat maintenance levels until I can return to the gym. I’m going to rest this weekend, and I may go to the doctor on Monday depending on how I feel. Honestly, right now I’m paranoid about ever doing squats again.

I’m not going to say that I’m not feeling a little angry and discouraged right now, because I am. That’s not helping matters, so I’m going to lie here today and try and get my mind right. I know I need to put things in perspective and think positive, but right now that’s proving to be difficult.

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