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Weekly measurements.

This past week has been extremely good from a diet and training perspective: All my weight training workouts were solid efforts, and my diet was spot-on. Let’s look at this week’s numbers… My scale weight only dropped about a half a pound this week. This morning I weighed in at 183.0 pounds, down from last Sunday’s 183.6 pounds. My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) also didn’t show much change. My hip and thigh… [Read more]

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What’s the story on that “rock bottom” photo?; Early workout; Theater seats!

Yesterday I posted an old picture of me that was taken a couple of months before I started my transformation. It’s a really bad photo, but – believe it or not – it is a fair representation of how I looked most of the time back then. I was a total slob, and I didn’t care at all about my health or my personal appearance. Anyway, yesterday I was asked by a forum member for… [Read more]

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Day 2,000!

Wow, today is day 2,000 of my new life! I say “new life” because five and a half years ago I said goodbye to my former self, and changed my life forever through diet and exercise. 2,000 days ago I was obese, out of shape, unhealthy, a drug user, a daily drinker and absolutely disgusted with myself. Years of bad habits were slowly killing me, and I hated myself for allowing it to happen. 2,000… [Read more]

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Really good workout yesterday; Cardio today as I give my CNS a breather.

Yesterday’s workout (chest/triceps) was awesome! While I’m certainly not going to be breaking any personal strength records anytime soon, my strength was up considerably compared to last week’s workout. Once I realized that my strength was closer to where it should be, I relaxed and had a very enjoyable workout. Even the minor (but nagging) aches and pains I usually contend with (shoulders, scapula, wrist, elbow) were non-existent. Maybe the forced time off helped in… [Read more]

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Working out early today; About another month of cutting, I think.

I made up my missed back/biceps workout yesterday, and today I’ll be doing my chest/triceps workout. I think I’m going to do my workout early today – between meal #1 and meal #2. This will require me to shift my meals around a bit so that my three carbohydrate meals are still centered around my workout, but that’s no big deal. I’m hopeful that my strength levels have improved over last week’s chest/triceps workout, which… [Read more]

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Missed yesterday’s workout; New forum feature!

Yesterday was a very weird work day. I started off the day thinking I had a ton of work to do, but then plans changed. With my schedule suddenly freed up, I decided to work on a big project that I’ve been toiling over for the past couple months. Meanwhile, one of my associates decided to drive to Tampa to address some network/hardware issues that we’ve been having out there. Once he arrived in Tampa,… [Read more]

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Awesome weekend; Excited about this week’s training.

I had a fantastic weekend! It was the perfect blend of productivity and fun activities. I’m 100% over my cold now (my sinuses have finally returned to normal), and I feel rested, recharged and motivated. I’m very excited about this week’s workouts! Last week I took it slow and did fairly light “feeling out” strength training workouts. I discovered that my strength was down considerably – even more than I expected. I feel that my… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements; Terrifying nightmare; Home theater test drive.

It’s Sunday morning, and time once again for my weekly measurements! My scale weight this morning is 183.6 pounds. Last Sunday I weighed in at 187.2 pounds, so that’s a net loss of 3.6 pounds for the week. Keep in mind that last Sunday I was still getting over my cold, and was holding some water from the salty chicken soup and crackers I’d been eating while ill. My body fat measurement this morning is… [Read more]

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The only muscles that never get sore after weight training are my delts. I absolutely pummeled my delts last night, and could barely lift my arms enough to put shampoo in my hair after my workout. Still, they are not sore this morning. My traps, calves and abs are, though. And my pecs and triceps are still on fire from Wednesday’s workout. Ah, how I missed walking around in pain (I’m not kidding about that,… [Read more]

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Going to do some direct ab work today; No cheats.

Today I’ll be working my delts, traps and calves, and I think I’m also going to do something I’ve not done in a long, long time: direct ab work. I’ll find out for sure this Sunday, but I’m probably at, or below, 8% body fat right now (at least I hope so: my scale weight this morning was shockingly low – 182.4 pounds), but my abs are not looking as etched in as they normally… [Read more]

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