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A little improvement?

Sunday, June 1, 2008 by  
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Yesterday I kept my back iced down most of the day, but I also took a long, hot soak in the jetted tub, which was followed by a great massage from Lisa. The Aleve also seems to be helping. This morning I woke up feeling incredibly stiff and about the same pain level as yesterday morning, but now that I’m up and about I think there may be at least a little improvement since yesterday.

I can sit at my computer for short periods of time, but I’m much more comfortable lying in bed. I have a feeling I’ll be working from bed at least part of next week.

I’m going to go soak in the jetted tub, get comfortable with the dogs on the bed and rest today. I’m hopeful that there will be some noticeable improvement by tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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