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Big improvement.

Monday, June 2, 2008 by  
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This morning my back is feeling much, much better! In fact, when I first got out of bed I felt no pain at all – a very pleasant surprise! I bent over and moved around to sort of test the waters, and I could feel some pain during those movements, but no where even close to how I’ve felt the past 3 days. I’m sitting here in my office chair and am relatively pain-free! If I stand up very straight or flex my abs the pain is still there, but for the most part I’m quite comfortable.

Today would normally be back/biceps, and obviously I’m not going to be doing any back work for at least another week or two, so I’m going to skip today’s workout. Part of me thinks I could do my chest/triceps workout tomorrow, but I’m going to wait until then to see how I feel.

Considering how debilitating the pain was just a day ago, I am feeling incredibly good about things this morning! I’m in a fantastic mood because I honestly feel like I’ll be able to return to training sometime this week! I know I can’t do anything that works my back (or even go too heavy with anything else), but getting back in the gym after only missing a couple of workouts is going to be pretty awesome.

Best Monday ever!

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