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Is “all or nothing” for you?

Thursday, June 5, 2008 by  
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Some people don’t understand how, or even why, I prefer to adopt an “all or nothing” (no cheat meals, no missed workouts, no missed meals) approach to cutting. The reason is because it’s the easiest (yes – I said easiest!) way for me to reach my goals. When I have cheat meals or am otherwise not 100% focused on my target, the temptation to have extra cheat meals and/or miss workouts is amplified considerably. I’ve got very strong willpower, but it seems that my iron will is only effective when I go “all or nothing”.

Case in point: this week I’ve not been able to lift, and I’ve been eating at maintenance level. My cut has been temporarily suspended until Monday, and right now I simply do not have the mindset that I seem to require to fight off cravings. Last night the desire to have a cheat meal was overwhelming, and I caved (barbecue pork, if you care to know). I know that I would have been able to fight off that craving if I’d been in my so-called “all or nothing zone”.

I guess the point of this update is that everyone needs to find what works best for themselves. Just because I personally need to eliminate cheats to most effectively reach my cutting goals does not mean that you need to do that. Of course you may discover that going all out with no cheats is just the secret you’ve been looking for. If you are struggling and have not tried that approach, then you might consider giving it a go. I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s not, but there’s something very satisfying about it that I can’t put in words.

Anyway, starting Monday I’ll be 100% back to my cutting diet with no cheats and no missed workouts. In the meantime, I admit that I’ll probably have another cheat meal this weekend. :o

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