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Spoke too soon?

Uh-oh. I hope I didn’t jump the gun in thinking I was out of the woods with the bug Lisa gave me. Yesterday morning I felt awesome, and was sort of ribbing Lisa about how effortlessly I fought off the bug before it could take hold. I went on to say that my diet and training are why my immune system is so strong, and that she probably wouldn’t have become so sick if she ate better…

This morning my throat is killing me. :o

Aside from my throat, I feel OK… not great, but not sick. Lisa said that’s exactly how she felt (along with the sore throat) on the first day. Great.

This sucks. I’m not even able to properly enjoy the massive soreness in my back and biceps from Monday’s workout.

I don’t know if I should train today or not. I’m afraid that if I do train my body will not have the resources to repair my muscle and effectively fight the cold. This could lead to more missed training sessions. Of course the stubborn side of me wants to get in the gym. I’m not going to make the call until this afternoon.

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