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Back to training today!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 by  
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This about sums up how I’m feeling this morning:


My sinuses are still slightly stuffy this morning, but other than that I feel real good. I am 100% good to go for today’s chest & triceps workout! From a fitness/cutting standpoint the past month has been completely unproductive and very frustrating, so today’s workout is going to be extremely satisfying. Once I get in the gym and the endorphins start flowing I’m going to have to guard against overdoing it. This is my first chest/triceps workout in like a month, and I’m coming off a back injury and really bad cold, so I need to remember to keep things under control no matter how good I’m feeling. I’ll have plenty of time to ramp up the amount of weight I’m using and my intensity levels over the next few weeks. The important thing today is to get in the gym and get a good, solid “base” workout in.

I’ve been back on my cutting diet since Monday, and my weight has already dropped to 184 pounds, which ties my 2008 cutting low. I fear that I may have gained a little fat and lost a little more muscle over the past month, so the fact that my scale weight is the same as it was a month ago doesn’t necessarily mean much. I’ll take my body fat reading and tape measurements this Sunday to get a solid idea of where my body composition is.

I’m going to go get the gym staged for today’s workout! I can’t wait! :spaz:

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