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Going to do some direct ab work today; No cheats.

Today I’ll be working my delts, traps and calves, and I think I’m also going to do something I’ve not done in a long, long time: direct ab work. I’ll find out for sure this Sunday, but I’m probably at, or below, 8% body fat right now (at least I hope so: my scale weight this morning was shockingly low – 182.4 pounds), but my abs are not looking as etched in as they normally do at this body fat percentage. Maybe some direct ab work over the next few weeks will help bring out the cuts a bit more. Or maybe I’m just getting old and my skin is not as elastic as it once was. All the more reason to keep future bulks very clean and controlled. Massive weight swings of 40 pounds while bulking and cutting are a thing of the past for me. I will never allow myself to get over 12% body fat again, even when bulking.

I feel great, but I’m still not 100% over this dang cold! My sinuses – while greatly improved – are still getting back to normal. It’s not affecting my breathing or ability to sleep, but I’ll be glad when the sniffles are gone.

Someone emailed and asked if I was going to have any cheat meals now that I’m back to cutting. The answer is “No!” I’m right back on the cutting plan, and will stick it out with no cheats until I reach my goal of 6% body fat. Once I hit my goal I’ll relax my diet slightly, but want stay below 8% body fat until I start my bulk in September or October.

Happy Friday everyone!