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Weekly measurements; Terrifying nightmare; Home theater test drive.

It’s Sunday morning, and time once again for my weekly measurements!

My scale weight this morning is 183.6 pounds. Last Sunday I weighed in at 187.2 pounds, so that’s a net loss of 3.6 pounds for the week. Keep in mind that last Sunday I was still getting over my cold, and was holding some water from the salty chicken soup and crackers I’d been eating while ill.

My body fat measurement this morning is 8.1% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). My body fat reading last week was 8.8%, so I’m more or less back to where I was before I pulled a muscle in my back and then got sick. It looks like during that time I lost a very small amount of lean mass.

Moving on to my soft tape measurements, the only change this week is that my waist has returned to 30.5 inches (as measured by the MyoTape). That’s a quarter inch loss from last week’s measurement, and puts me right back at where I was prior to being benched.

Last night I had a nightmare that ripped me from my sleep feeling panicked and unsettled. Was I being chased by a deranged mass murderer? Hunted down by a pride of starving lions? Trapped underground with my air supply diminishing by the second? No – none of the above. The terrifying dream was that I updated this site a few minutes past 9:00 AM. THAT is what woke me up feeling shaken and upset. What. The. Hell. I guess as I approach 2,000 days of updating this site without ever (not even once, save planned vacations) missing an update or updating late, this is the sort of thing running through my subconscious. Once I woke up and realized what was going on I felt like an idiot. :o

I think after Lisa and I get the house cleaning done (and I wash her car), we are going to have a nice, relaxing movie day. We’ve not had much of a chance to enjoy our newly completed (well, mostly completed) home theater. The temporary beanbag seating arrived a couple of days ago, so we finally have a place to sit now. We watched a film last night, and it was an incredible experience. The temporary beanbag chairs are better than sitting on the floor, but I’ll be very happy when the permanent seating arrives. The theater seating is being custom made, and is supposed to ship sometime next week. Hopefully it won’t be delayed, because the manufacturer is closing their plant down for the first two weeks of July. If our seats don’t go out next week, then we’re looking at the end of July before they will arrive.

If you are interested in home theater, I’ve got before and after pictures of the dedicated theater room, as well as the complete equipment list posted on my personal web site. While the theater is 100% functional, I’ll be adding decorative touches such as columns, wall sconces and a fiber optic star field in the coming months. I’m also still trying to talk Lisa into letting me turn the unused upstairs loft into a movie theater lobby, complete with arcade games, commercial popcorn machine and concession stand. She was not wild about the idea at first, but I’m making progress. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday!