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Missed yesterday’s workout; New forum feature!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by  
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Yesterday was a very weird work day. I started off the day thinking I had a ton of work to do, but then plans changed. With my schedule suddenly freed up, I decided to work on a big project that I’ve been toiling over for the past couple months. Meanwhile, one of my associates decided to drive to Tampa to address some network/hardware issues that we’ve been having out there. Once he arrived in Tampa, he called me out of the blue from the field, which caught me completely off-guard. Suddenly my plate was overflowing again, because all the issues that needed to be addressed required my assistance. We eventually got everything fixed, but unfortunately it took until around 7:00 PM and I missed my workout. Normally I would never miss a workout for any reason, but I didn’t have much of a choice this time. I couldn’t tell my colleague to just sit around for an hour doing nothing while I lifted weights. Sometimes these things happen. I’ll make up the workout today (back and biceps) and do my chest/triceps workout tomorrow. That will put me back on schedule with the net result of one missed cardio session. I can live with that.

This morning I’ve launched another new feature for all JSF Forum members with upgraded memberships! All supporting members now have the ability to completely customize the look of their user profiles. You can now customize everything in your profile from the font style/size/color, to the background color and background image (and much more)! You can access these new controls from your User Control Panel.

I’m always working on adding new features that enhance the forum experience, and I’ve got a couple of very cool new toys in the works right now. Thanks again for supporting JSF – stay tuned!

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