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Really good workout yesterday; Cardio today as I give my CNS a breather.

Thursday, June 26, 2008 by  
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Yesterday’s workout (chest/triceps) was awesome! While I’m certainly not going to be breaking any personal strength records anytime soon, my strength was up considerably compared to last week’s workout. Once I realized that my strength was closer to where it should be, I relaxed and had a very enjoyable workout. Even the minor (but nagging) aches and pains I usually contend with (shoulders, scapula, wrist, elbow) were non-existent. Maybe the forced time off helped in that regard.

Today is supposed to be leg day, but I don’t want to do 4 strength training workouts in a row. I think I’m going to give my CNS a day off and do some HIIT cardio this afternoon. I’ll do my leg workout tomorrow, and I’ll perform my delts/traps/calves workout on Saturday.

Things have been crazy with my job lately. All the lightning we’ve been experiencing here in Florida over the past couple of weeks is wreaking havoc with a lot of the networking equipment we have in the field. This morning I’ve got an entire apartment complex down, and a few other minor issues to deal with. I’m going to have to cut this update a little short and get to work.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a good day!

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