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Great workout yesterday; HIIT today; Getting in shape; Pictures?

Yesterday’s workout went real well. I did some drop sets and some rest-pause sets, and kept the intensity levels very high the entire workout. I really feel like I’m bouncing back from my time away from the gym: my level of cardiovascular fitness has improved dramatically in just two weeks, and my muscles are looking a little fuller. Lots of intense weight training and HIIT cardio is whipping me in to shape, and fast! Today… [Read more]

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I did the old BFL HIIT workout yesterday; Intensity training techniques.

I decided to change up my HIIT cardio yesterday and do one of the HIIT workouts I used to do back when I first started doing HIIT in 2003. The workout is the standard BFL HIIT workout (a 2 minute warm up at 50% followed by 1 minute at 60%/70%/80/90%, repeat 4 times and finish off with 1 minute at 100% and a brief cool down). I haven’t done that HIIT workout in quite some… [Read more]

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Altered workout yesterday, and changing this week’s split.

I had to alter my workout a bit yesterday. My legs were (are) still so sore and shaky from last Thursday’s leg workout that I wasn’t able to deadlift. My quads and hamstrings are the slowest of all my muscle groups to recover, and after a layoff from training I’ve seen them take up to 10 days to fully recover. There’s really no substitute for deadlifts, but I did T-bar rows instead. After the back… [Read more]

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A weekend of temptation behind me; Today’s workout.

Yesterday the temptation to make a batch of popcorn to go with our afternoon movie session was – once again – very strong, but I stuck to my guns and did not cheat. It really helps that Lisa is being strict with her diet right now, too. I’m not sure I would have been able to resist the temptation if I had to make popcorn for Lisa. The smell of fresh popcorn is both wonderful… [Read more]

Added Monday, July 28, 2008 by

Temptations; Great cardio workout yesterday; Sunday plans.

Man, the temptation to cheat was very strong again yesterday. I think it’s because I’m used to relaxing my diet a bit on the weekend (I usually have my weekly cheat meal on the weekend, plus popcorn when we watch movies). Yesterday when Lisa and I sat down to watch a movie, I was craving popcorn in the worst way. I came pretty close to caving in, but I refused to do so. I think… [Read more]

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No cheats until the JSF cruise!

I was really tempted to have a cheat meal last night, but I resisted and ate my regular clean diet. I’ve decided that I’m not going to have any more cheat meals OR cheat snacks before the JSF cruise in mid-August. I’m really going to miss having my popcorn on movie night, but I need to drop a little body fat before the cruise because I’m going to eat like a pig the entire time… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout; Delts/traps/calves today; Extra cardio; No cheat meals.

Despite the rather light weights used for yesterday’s leg workout, I was still able to make it quite challenging. I kept my rest intervals very brief (30-45 seconds) and did super slow reps with hard 2-second squeezes between the concentric & eccentric phases of the moves. By the time I got to my backyard lunges I was pretty seriously winded, red-faced, sweating like crazy and my legs were very shaky. I still feel very out… [Read more]

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Leg day.

Yesterday was a cardio day, and I decided to do a 16-minute HIIT cardio session yesterday afternoon. It’s been awhile since I’ve done HIIT, so the intervals were not very tough: 30 seconds all out, followed by 45 seconds of active recovery. By the end of the session I’d confirmed what I already knew: I’m far from my peak conditioning right now! That’s OK, a few more weeks of HIIT and intense weight training should… [Read more]

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Solid workout; Cardio today; Another day of working from the bedroom.

I enjoyed my chest/triceps workout yesterday. Even though I had to go light, I made the best of it by employing the same intensity techniques I used for Monday’s workout. I’m surprisingly sore this morning. Today is a cardio only day. I’ve not yet decided if I want to do LISS cardio this morning, or crank out a HIIT session this afternoon. Right now I’m leaning towards the HIIT, as I’ve not done HIIT in… [Read more]

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A bit about yesterday’s workout; Chest & triceps today; Water weight.

I’d love to tell you all that yesterday’s return to weight training was awesome, but in reality it was a bit of a struggle on a couple of fronts. First of all, going so light was tougher than I thought it would be from a mental standpoint. I was told to start off using 50% of the weight I’d normally use, so that’s what I did. I felt more like I was pumping up for… [Read more]

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