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Cheat meal last night, paid for it all night long; JSF Mall upgrade.

Thursday, July 3, 2008 by  
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With my 2008 cut over with, I decided to have a free meal last night for dinner: pulled pork, french fries, baked beans and garlic bread. Oh, man, it all tasted soooo good! The problem with meals like that after eating clean for so long are the side effects. Last night I slept horribly, I drank around 48 ounces of water between the time I went to bed and the time I woke up and – despite turning the air down to 67 degrees (F) – I was hot all night long. This morning my fingers feel like fat little sausages, and I’m noticeably puffy and bloated in my face.

I certainly enjoyed the meal, but my poor night of sleep (or lack thereof) was a not-so-friendly reminder of why I love eating clean. Sometimes chicken breasts and broccoli are the last things in the world I feel like eating, but I always feel so good when I fuel my body with clean foods.

This morning when I woke up I thought, “How in the heck did I eat like this night after night for so many years?” Not only did I eat poorly back then, but I drank nothing but soda all day long, and then alcohol at night – and I constantly smoked pot and cigarettes! I guess I got so used to feeling like crap all the time that it became “normal”.

I do plan to do some grilling over the 4th of July weekend, but I’m going to stick to lean steak and 96% lean ground beef. One other cheat snack that I’ve been dying for, and will definitely be having at some point this weekend, is a giant tub of buttered popcorn.

The software used to run the JSF Amazon Mall has just received a major upgrade. The same familiar interface is there, but many new categories have been added, searching has been improved, overall speed has been greatly increased (the mall now runs on its own dedicated server and intelligent caching has been added, further increasing performance). You’ll also now find complete item descriptions – including all the same photos and user reviews that you would find on Amazon – as well as clear indications when items are eligible for Amazon Prime and/or Free Super Saver shipping. Also, when you search for a product and that product is available from multiple sellers, the JSF Mall software automatically shows you the item from the seller with the lowest price first. This feature makes getting the best deal a snap! I hope you like the changes. Thanks for supporting JSF by making your Amazon purchases through the JSF Amazon Storefront!

I’m very much looking forward to the long weekend, but I’ve got a lot of work to do today if I expect to be caught up enough to take it off entirely. I’m going to get started right now while the phones are still quiet. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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